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East Sussex is a beautiful part of the world. I’ve lived in Hastings since 2006 but sometimes it can still feel like I’m on holiday. I grew up in Swindon in the sixties, then Mansfield in the seventies. At eighteen I travelled south to Maidstone College of Art to study for my graphics degree. After graduating, I got a job in Covent Garden and lived and worked in various parts of London for the next 22 years. But after housesitting for friends in Hastings in 2005, I realised I needed a change of scenery so my partner, Hel, and I rented a property in Hastings Old Town.

After three years on Ebenezer Road we bought a house with a garden in Ore. There was some debate with the local badgers about access rights but we have now amicably agreed to share. It’s all academic anyway as Jess, our German Shepherd, is pretty sure she owns not only our garden but much of the land beyond it.

I started Helium Badger in August 2015. I love Art Deco and there are many 1930s landmarks nearby, most notably Marine Court in St Leonards-on-Sea, Bexhill’s De La Warr Pavilion and Eastbourne Bandstand.

Hastings is also home to the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in Europe. The boats on the Stade, the tall, tarred net shops that line Rock-a-Nore and, of course, the ever-present herring gulls give Hastings a unique feel. I try to include at least one herring gull in each design if at all possible (and look out for the occasional black backed gull, oystercatcher, pigeon, cat, dog or fox).

By the way, Jess appears in more than one design – that’s her in HB003PL Pett Level, Winchelsea and walking with Hel in HB 021 TP The Promenade, Bexhill.

Guy Callaby